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Liberty Oak recently enjoyed joint rehearsals via Zoom with other Sweet Adeline Choruses. We had a Valentine-themed rehearsal with Evergreen Chorus from Poughkeepsie, NY, where we shared our favorite chorus performance videos of great love songs! We also spent some time with Harmony Celebration Chorus from Ridgewood, NJ, singing and performing some songs we both have in our repertoires! In both cases we shared some fun in smaller groups, trying to come up with strange things in common or learning about how we stay engaged with our fellow singers. Thank you to our friends for participating with us in these exciting nights!

2020 has made us all too familiar with pandemics, hurricanes, quarantines, earthquakes, concerns about the health and safety of family and friends near and far. Thank goodness we had our Liberty Oak Chorus activities and experiences to look forward to each week. Oh wait. LOC as we knew it was suddenly gone. Literally here one day and gone the next. It felt like we lost not only the music but each other and it was devastating.