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Combine 4 women with busy lives, work responsibilities, families, and a passion for singing and you have Balancing Act Quartet. BA originally formed in March of 2010. Even though we have had a few changes regarding parts and personnel, it doesn't change the fact that we love to perform by making beautiful music together.

Jennifer Wiseman (Baritone) Jennifer Wiseman has been singing since she was five, but discovered Barbershop in 2003.  She started off as a lead in chorus and quartet, but switched to baritone in 2014.  In addition to singing with Balancing Act Quartet, she is the baritone section leader in Liberty Oak Chorus.  When not singing, Jennifer works as a nurse practitioner at Rutgers Student Health, specializing in health promotion, women's health, and travel medicine.  She and her husband Dave enjoy exploring New Jersey's parks, reading, and going to new places.

Rebecca Sundt (Tenor) Rebecca Stundt has been singing since elementary school and learned about barbershop in 2013 when she became a member of the Liberty Oak Chorus. Although having spent her early years in the chorus as a lead, she eagerly jumped up to tenor as a member of Balancing Act Quartet. Rebecca works as an administrative assistant at Safran Aerosystems Evacuation and is currently pursuing her MSW at Monmouth University. Her greatest joy is and will forever be, her beautiful daughter, Lucy.

Jan Rubino (Bass) Jan’s absolute favorite thing to do is sing and perform which started back during her days in school musicals, chorus and marching band. She has been singing with Liberty Oak Chorus since 2013 and is a front row dancer as well as someone who loves to volunteer so as to give back to her chorus. Singing with Balancing Act and her chorus is one of her most happiest places, second only to spending time out and about with her retired husband Tony. She is a retired preschool teacher and loves to stay busy crafting, bowling, riding with her husband on his Harley and, of course, spending time with her sister’s in harmony. 

Mary Walaszek (Lead) Mary Walaszek has been singing and performing since she was 6 years old. Her earliest memories of singing are going out on stage with her father’s country band to sing Country Roads. She sang all through high school as well as played 3 different instruments. When she started singing Barbershop in 1996 with the Liberty Oak Chorus, she was a baritone but switched to Lead in both the chorus and in Balancing Act. She works as a Regional Activity Director for 2 busy nursing facilities and tries to balance all of it with spending time with her husband John, and their 3 grown kids, grandkids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and her love of sports.



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