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Combine 4 women with busy lives, work responsibilities, families, and a passion for singing and you have Balancing Act Quartet.

Pam Pezzullo (Tenor) has been singing with Sweet Adelines off and on for more than 20 years, and has been a member of several quartets and choruses. Her work as owner of Netcentric Computer Consulting and Employee Benefits Assistant for Monmouth County, as well as her family (supportive husband and fan Rich, and their children Lydia, Anthony, and James) keep her busy, but when she was kidnapped from an elevator to see how her beautiful tenor voice would mix in a quartet in early 2010, she was gracious enough to give it a try! She was also on the Board of Liberty Oak Chorus and has served as Treasurer, and has been on the front row of the chorus for several years. She has been charged with keeping us in line, but finds it quite the challenge!

Mary Walaszek (Lead) has been a long-time member of Liberty Oak Chorus and has been in both the baritone and lead sections, serving as both baritone and lead section leader and assistant director for a while. She was also Interim Director of LOC and took the chorus to contest in 2005 during their director search. She became a Lead in the chorus 10 years ago, but when approached by Jen in 2010 about a newly forming quartet, she was game to go back to Baritone for quartet-singing. A few competitions and a number of coaching sessions later, Jen and Mary had epiphanies—they were singing the wrong parts! Mary took over the Lead position in Balancing Act in 2014, though some Baritone creeps in here and there for fun. She tries to keep her balance between chorus and quartet, husband John and their children Steven, JP, and Deanna, and her position as Activities Director for Imperial Health in Neptune and side job of Tupperware Consultant. Most of the time it works! She is also loving being a Grandma to her grandsons Oliver and Teddy.

Jennifer Wiseman (Baritone) started off as a Lead in Heart of New Jersey Chorus in 2003, and sang in a competing quartet (Best Regards) for a few years as well as serving on the Management Team. In 2008, she moved over to Liberty Oak.  In 2010 Balancing Act was formed where she first took the Lead position, but after a few years she realized that Baritone was her true calling, and now is also singing Baritone in the chorus (well, most of the time, but she still pinch-hits now and then as needed!) Her husband Dave is happy she loves to harmonize and rarely begrudges the many evenings and weekends away—thank goodness! She also serves on the Board and Music Team for Liberty Oak Chorus, and works full-time as a Nurse Practitioner with Rutgers Student Health—her patients love to hear her sing!

Jan Rubino (Bass) has been singing with Liberty Oak Chorus since 2013 and, oddly enough, singing with the Sweet Adelines organization also since 2013.   She had not sung in any sort of group setting since her college days in the 70s.  Frustrated with being a shower-only singer, she went about researching an outlet for her talent and happened upon a Friends and Family Night with Liberty Oak.  It only took an hour to realize that this is what she should have been doing all along.  She joined the front row 3 months later and took on the role of Chorus Liason for Liberty Oak's regional competitions in Albany, NY.  Jan briefly sang in a quartet which gave her the confidence to continue that pursuit and is over the moon to be part of Balancing Act, a quartet that she has admired for years.  She has been married for over 30 years to her amazing husband Tony, who is her biggest cheerleader and supporter and has two grown children; one boy and one girl.  She has also been a preschool teacher for almost 20 years which gratifies her to no end. She is looking forward to spending time with her new girls and putting in the time and work to be the best bass that she can be.


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