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What happens when you take four women who love to sing barbershop style music, who sing together in Liberty Oak Chorus, who want to quartet and who all live “down the shore”?  You get EXIT 98, of course!

Betsy Sunada (Tenor)  is a semi-retired, stay-at-home mother with three children, one husband and two dogs. A singer her whole life in various school and community choruses, Betsy was thrilled to discover the fabulous world of women’s barbershop singing in 2012.  When she moved from Seattle to the Jersey Shore in 2013, she happily joined Liberty Oak Chorus, where she sings Lead.  Betsy “found her people” at Exit 98 where she is loving her Tenor life. In her spare time, you may find Betsy beachcombing or volunteering for a cause.  She is an avid knitter and she is teaching herself to play the ukulele.  

Carol Meaney (Lead)  has always been a singer – in school – in church – in community theater – around the piano or pool - but her barbershop days didn’t start until after her kids were out of college.  Her Sweet Adelines days began in 2000 with Heart of New Jersey Chorus.  In 2010 she sold her business and “semi” retired, and started a new adventure with Liberty Oak Chorus.  Carol finally caught the quartet bug in 2015 with three great friends and Exit 98 was born. Carol’s greatest supporters are her husband, her two kids and her six amazing grandchildren, all of whom already share her love of music.  In her leisure time, you’ll find her walking the beach collecting shells, sea glass and driftwood for use in her crafting projects.  

Robin Stevenson (Baritone) has been musically involved for as long as she can remember.  As a kid, she chimed in at family sing-a-longs and learned to play piano.  Robin was in every choral group in both school and church and even played in a rock band as a teenager.  In 2000, Robin’s Sweet Adelines adventure began with Heart of New Jersey Chorus.  She joined  Liberty Oak Chorus in 2010 and eventually found her way to Exit 98. After 41 years working as a registered nurse, Robin retired and is enjoying the love and support of her husband, children and grandchildren.  

Sue Radford (Bass) grew up singing every Sunday in the car on family rides.   She continued her love of singing throughout school and college.  As our most experienced Sweet Adeline, Sue began singing barbershop with Greater Syracuse Chorus in 1976, where she was thrilled to find a group that had a place for a woman with a low singing voice.  Following a move and an opportunity to sing in a quartet, she became a member of Sound of Silver Chorus in Oneida, New York.  2008 brought a move to the Jersey Shore for a babysitting gig (grandchildren!).  Sue was fortunate enough to find Liberty Oak Chorus.  She serves as a member of the Liberty Oak Chorus Music Team and as Assistant Bass Section Leader.   Sue loves being a part of the Liberty Oak Chorus family and is thrilled to sing with three great friends in Exit 98. As a retired primary school teacher, Sue uses her skills to plan the weekly rehearsal schedule for Exit 98 (homework!) and as a full-time babysitter for her two young grandchildren.


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